Monday, October 27, 2008

Walking Pneumonia?

James has been ill on and off since he returned from London. I attribute it to the fact that the man does not slow down. If he is not traveling for work, he is doing projects around the house. He has progressively gotten worse. Saturday he put one of the new windows in the basement, even though I told him to rest. Sunday he got up and went to church with us to support the kids in their program. He came home early and went back to bed. When the rest of us got home from church he looked like death warmed over. I listened to his lungs and knew that they did not sound right so I told him that he better go see a doctor. Sure enough, she confirmed that he had diminished lung sounds in the left lower lobe and diagnosed him with walking pneumonia. Now when he tells me that I am being lazy I am going to tell him that I am not being lazy, I am being pro-active for my health.
Tyler's chorale group preformed on Saturday at one of the assisted living facilities here and then went pumpkin caroling. He had a fund raiser selling pumpkins and then we delivered them with a song. Tyler and I then went to visit a dear friend and former neighbor at hospice.
I met with a group of friends last night and we have decided to start a dinner swap. Basically you take one night a week and prepare a meal for each family and deliver it to them. They then do the same on their night. So you are only cooking one night a week. It is supposed to save time and money. We are going to start next week, so I will let you all know how it works out. I am very excited. I think that the kids and James will be glad to have home cooked meals more often and I am hoping to lose weight faster by not eating out all the time.
Somehow, in all of this, we managed to forget James' mom's birthday until about 11 o'clock last night. We are very sorry and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!

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James said...

I slow down when I sleep, there is not enough hours in the day to get all that needs accomplished. You should be proud, I haven't gotten my work laptop out yet.....