Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Wish that I could take credit for the costumes but my super creative sister-in-law made them for the kids this year. Brooklyn was a sock monkey, Sierra a ketchup packet, Kayla a witch doing a hand stand, and we had to force Tyler to get his face painted. Yes, we actually held him down while they painted a snake on his face. He loved it, I am sure of it!
Hope that every one has a safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Cake Walk Anyone?

Here are the cakes that the girls and I made for the school carnival cake walk. We donated 2 cakes and came home with 4. How does that work?

For not knowing what we were doing and having lots of help, I don't think they turned out too bad.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Miss-match Dress Day

This was Sierra's favorite dress-up day. She likes looking like a goof ball.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Brace Face!!!

Tyler and Kayla went in today to get their braces and appliances put on. Tyler gets to wear the Herbst Appliance with a palatal expander and 6 braces on top and 6 on bottom for about three years (at least it's not headgear). Kayla gets to wear a palatal expander and full set of braces for 15 -18 months. One of these days they are going to thank me for putting them through all this pain and spending a small fortune on them, right?

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Bachelor Pad

I went to Houston this past week to help James get his new apartment set up and to enjoy some extra curricular activities (wink, wink). I cooked (25 meals for the freezer and cookies) and cleaned and did all of his laundry while I was there, with the hopes that he will not forget why he loves me. I do have to give him props though. He did a very nice job picking out the washer/dryer, bedroom furniture and comforter. Here are a few pics...

Don't worry your eyes are not deceiving you, he is actually taking the trash out!!!

The apartment is very small, but it suits his needs and is so much better than living in a hotel room.