Saturday, October 11, 2008


My dear sweet Brooklyn, in all of her gracefulness, somehow ran into the rail on her bunk bed and bumped her eye. She came running downstairs screaming as if she had poked her eye out. When I looked at it she had a little cut and a very small bump, so I gave her a some Motrin and an icepack with the reassurance that she would be fine. Two hours later the swelling had doubled in size; we iced it again. By bedtime the swelling had gone the full length of her eyebrow and was starting to bruise.

I even got up in the night to check on her and decided to take a picture. (maybe that is why my kids hate it when I am always taking their pictures.)

This morning when she woke up her eye was swelled shut and really bruised. She asked me if I thought she was going to HAVE to be a pirate now, since she can't open her eye. She is also afraid that she looks mean and will have to wear an eye patch to school so that the kids won't tease her. Honestly, where does she come up with this stuff? A pirate? An eye patch? I think that she has watched way too much Pirates of the Caribbean.

We have iced it some more and now she can open it, but it hurts so she keeps it closed.


*Lissa* said...

Oh, OW! Poor girl! I hope it gets a little better by Monday so she doesn't have to be a pirate at school! ;o)

Slattery's said...

I say give the girl an eye patch...rrrrr matey!