Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pictures From Our Hike

Mental Health Day!

The kids have been having a rough time the last week or so. They are just really missing their dad and I think seeing me stressed over the house is bothering them too. So, I decided that we would make today a Mental Health Day and I pulled the kids out of school. I took them out to Bid's Pizza Place for lunch, to Rotary Park to take pictures at the water falls, and then we decided to follow one of the trails up the mountain. The trail ended up being a 2.5 hour hike. When we were finally on the downward side Brooklyn said, "Wouldn't it be nice if when you get to the top it was a dead end and you could just walk off the edge and land on a trampoline?" I think she was getting a little dehydrated!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Just Because...

The love of my life sent me a dozen long stem roses for no other reason than he loves me and was thinking about me. I was so surprised. Which is not easy for him to do when he buys me a gift because he is usually like a little kid at Christmas who can't keep a secret to save his life.

First Day of School

It feels like the kids just got out of school for the summer and here they are already headed back to start another year. Although, I am grateful because it will give the kids something to do during the day while we wait for the house to sell. I was able to get pictures of Sierra (4th grade) and Brooklyn (2nd grade) on our way out the door but missed getting pics of Tyler (8th grade) and Kayla (7th grade), since they had to leave at 6:40 to catch the bus. I wasn't completely awake yet therefore, forgot to take their pictures.


After reading the comments on my previous post, I decided I better clarify a few things. James is in Australia and has been there for just over two weeks now even though it feels much longer than that. The kids and I are still in Wyoming waiting for the house to sell. As soon as it does sell, the kids and I will head to Australia too. Then we won't be back until December 2010.

The Back to School Bash is an activity hosted by the Natrona County School District. They have several vendors who set up activities for the kids, have give-aways, and provide lunch. They shut down about 1/2 a city block for the activity. It is a fun way to get the kids ready for school and to help provide information to the parents about different programs and activities that they might not already know about.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back to School Bash!

Here is a picture of all the things the kids got for FREE at the Back to School Bash this morning. This is the second year that the school district has hosted it. The kids had a lot of fun.