Saturday, January 31, 2009

In Honor...

...of my 100th post. Brooklyn's name made out of 100 green M&M's.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Resolution Address (2009)

For my english composition class we had to write a close imitation of the Gettysburg is what I came up with. Disclaimer: I do not write well, so read at your own risk.

Resolution Address (2009)
by Sandi Gibbons

Two weeks and three days ago I brought forth a resolution, for 2009, motivated by the desire to lose weight, and dedicated to the notion that being skinny will make me happy.

Now I am engaged in a great battle, testing whether I, or any person so dedicated, can endure this struggle with food for proposed happiness. I am met with great challenges; all of which are centered on what to eat. I have come to enjoy the foods that are not conducive to healthy eating, hence the reason for the excess weight. It is altogether fitting, for my happiness, that I keep this resolution.

But, in the larger sense, I cannot discount—I cannot ignore—I cannot disregard—the importance of being a healthy weight. The brave women, past and present, who have struggled with their weight and won, have set an example, far beyond any book written on the subject. The people around me may not remember what I weigh when I am no longer here, nor will they care, unless my weight is the cause of my demise. It is for me that I must be dedicated to finish the battle of the bulge—that I will continue to eat healthy and in moderation—that I will continue to exercise and break a sweat—that I will maintain any and all weight loss that I achieve—and that I shall go forth to share my experience, motivate, and inspire others to have a desire for healthy living, so that we shall not perish before our time.

Friday, January 16, 2009

It's not a tuma!

So, I make one little comment on Facebook Wednesday about wanting to call in sick the next day and then on Thursday morning, while stepping off the ladder at work, I twisted my ankle and fell. I went to the doc today and he said that I had stretched the tendon that runs along the side of the ankle. I am off work for at least a week, have to wear a hideous ankle brace, and then I have to start physical therapy for several weeks. What the heck?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What am I going to do with this kid??

Tyler decided to lay down on the couch for a nap and put his glasses on the ottoman. Well, curious little Peyton decided that she had found a new chew toy. Here is what was left in her path of destruction. Needless to say this is the 3rd pair of glasses for Tyler in 6 months. The first pair he rolled over on and broke at scout camp , the second pair he lost in the lake while horsing around with Kayla, and now this pair. So I ask again, what am I going to do with this child?

Happy New Year!!

Well here we are, seven days into the new year. Can you believe it? Neither can I. When I reflect back on my life and remember the good times and the bad, I have to laugh when I think back to the end of the year of 1999. You know when we all thought that the world was going to end when we rolled into 2000. Sierra was one month old, Kayla was almost 3, Tyler was 4 and I remember going to the grocery store in Boise (sometime between Christmas and New Year's) just to buy the normal groceries and the shelves were milk, eggs, formula, bottled water, canned goods, etc. People were buying gas masks, survival kits, guns, building bomb shelters, etc. Everyone huddled around the TV until the ball dropped just hoping that we would not spontaneously combust or whatever we thought was going to happen to us. What did we really think was going to happen? Ah, good times!
We had a pretty good year in 2008. I did not really make any resolutions last year and therefore did not break any. Yay me! This year I vowed to not make any resolutions but to create some goals for myself and my family. I also decided not to start them right away because January seems to be such a depressing month, I don't want to have any excuses to give up.

Here is my list of goals:

1. Become bikini ready by December. We are planning a trip to Hawaii for Christmas and I don't want to be mistaken for a whale while on the beach. I plan to do this by changing our eating habits and exercising more.

2. Make at least one blog post a week. I am not good at keeping a journal and I find it very therapeutic to blog about the things going on in our little world here in the big city of Casper.

3. Save more and spend less money. I am better at spending than saving money but I really want to go to Hawaii so I am going to start putting money away every week.

4. Graduate in May. I have one class left to take for my associates degree. Then I just have to make a decision on where I want to go from there with my educational journey.

5. Try to be a better, more patient, and understanding mother and let my children live to see 2010. Or even just February! I don't know exactly how I am going to accomplish this one. Maybe with a little more ME time.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Yay, I got an award today!

The Lemonade Award:
I have no idea what it is for, but it sure makes me feel special. So, thank you Lissa at The Anderson Clan.

Here is the award and the rules.

#1 You must link back to the person you received the award from.
#2 You have to nominate 10 bloggers who are deserving of this award!

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