Friday, October 23, 2009

New Car

James bought me a new Nissan Pathfinder. Ok so it is not brand new. It is a 2008, but has less than 5,000 miles on it. So it is almost new. I am just really really glad that I don't have to drive a clunker or a mini van.
Thank you babe...I love you!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

E-mail in the eyes of an 8 year old

I thought that this was too cute. Brooklyn has been sending e-mails to her dad and I thought I would share one of them with you.

"yo   dude   this   is   brooklyn    tipe  to   me   yo   ok  ive    ben    whating  ok   so   what  are   you    doing"
I love how she told him who she was and the spelling cracked me up. I think that her inner gangsta was coming out in this with all the "yo's." This kid is always making me laugh.

We went to the store today after school and Brooklyn had some money. She asked me if she could spend it on whatever she wanted. I told her I didn't care, so she bought one of the giant sized Hershey bars. We got home and she started chowing down on it. I told her to slow down and save some of it or she might end up with a tummy ache. She looked at me with a funny smile and said, "mom, sometimes a girl just needs her chocolate." I couldn't argue with that. She ended up eating the whole thing.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Skating...Thank You Slattery's

We all had so much fun skating. Especially since it had snowed 3 inches outside and was freezing. I wondered why we didn't take the kids skating more often and then I remembered after we got on the rink. It is because my kids don't leave the wall. Our dear friends the Slattery's rented the entire rink and invited a whole bunch of people. They are so awesome! What's a better way to end a fun morning of skating, than with cupcakes?

Helping in the Kitchen