Monday, September 29, 2008


Karma is finally catching up to James. As most of you know, he left for London on Saturday morning. Sometime between going through security in Casper and arriving in Minneapolis his computer was damaged and would not boot up. He was not happy since he had a six hour layover. He decided to catch the shuttle to Mall of America to find someone to look at his computer; they couldn't find the problem. He rented a cell phone to use while he is there because his won't work internationally. Guess what? There is no cell phone service at the Inn he is staying at. The TV is 13" and has only four channels. His hotel is in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by pastures. The best part: the food has been bad, really bad. Last night for dinner he ordered the most "American" looking dish, bacon cheeseburger, and it had bacon bits instead of real bacon and the burger was over seasoned so, he ate the french fries. For lunch today, they had finger sandwiches with a terrible sauce and grapes on them so, he ate fruit (he can't have grapes). Then for dinner tonight, he orderd a chicken and pasta dish that he said tasted worse than eating actual sagebrush, he didn't finish it. I was laughing so hard that I am afraid that I may have hurt his feelings. I told him that this is what he gets for rubbing in the fact that most of the time he gets to live the "high-life" when he travels. At this rate he should actually lose some weight on this trip.

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