Monday, June 11, 2012

Tomorrow is the big day!

I am really nervous about having surgery. I find it interesting how I questioned whether or not I should go through with it. I have known since we had Brooklyn 11 years ago that I was done having babies. I was so sure that I even had a tubal ligation done. Which is permanent and can’t necessarily be reversed; you can have in vitro fertilization done and go that route if you decide later on to continue having children. So when the doctor said that we had exhausted all other methods of treatment for the issues that I have been suffering for several years and that the only option left was laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy, all potential options of having another baby were gone. I have to admit that it didn’t really bother me until James brought it up.  Then I went back and forth for a few days. While it would be fun to have another baby, our oldest is 17 and our youngest is 11, it would be like starting a whole new family and I don’t have the energy for that anymore. The four I have now drained me. The benefits of this surgery are astronomical. It is going to change my whole life and I look forward to that. Another benefit, if we do get pregnant, I will know for a fact that it’s not mine…James will have some splanin’ to do.

We are so blessed to have wonderful friends who have stepped up without even being asked to help out with the kids and meals and support. I even have a friend flying in to stay with me while James and Tyler are at high adventure camp. I so appreciate everything they have done and are going to do to help.

Here’s to a successful surgery tomorrow!


VikiViki said...

Good luck, Sandi! You will love it! I have been so happy since mine was done last november! ;) Hope your recovery period (pun intended) goes by quickly! ;0) Hugs!!

Slattery's said...

Laughed out loud at the part about James. I am so looking forward to coming and taking care of you. Just sitting around and visiting is going to be awesome. See you in a couple of days.