Friday, December 7, 2012

Pythons in Texas?

I have been taking a lot of flack around here for not keeping the blog updated. Mostly by my husband, who I assume is the only one who reads this thing. I decided to share something that one of my little girls told me this morning at my crossing.

She rode up on her bike and declared her apologies for being late this morning. Then proceeded to tell me that she found a baby python in the street and decided to pick it up and throw it into someones yard. She said, "I had to do it because there are lots of dogs and babies in the road in our neighborhood."

Now I am know that I am not the smartest person, but I am pretty sure that there aren't any wild pythons slithering down the streets of suburban Houston. Perhaps it was a pet and someone's baby carried it out to the road on the dog.

This story entertained me almost as much as this one:
One day I had a boy come up to me and tell me that he had lost a tooth at school. For those of you who don't know this, but losing a tooth at school is the epitome of cool. He was so excited. I asked him if the tooth fairy came to his house. He said yes, so I asked what he gets. He told me $10. I was stunned and told him that when I was a kid all I got was a quarter (or whatever loose change my dad had in his pocket). He got a surprised look on his face and then said, "It was probably because when you were a kid the cost of gold was not as much as it is now." --uhm, OK!

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