Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Mustache You A Question...

Have you missed us?
Who said NO? We have been up to a lot of nothing for the last five months. Since our amazing Disney Cruise, we have been crying our eyes out James and I have planned our "year of the parents" vacation. We are going to Hawaii, if my dad will agree to loan us his house for a week, that is. We have gone vegetarian! Yep, we only eat meat on social occasions when there isn't another option. Or at least I do. James and the kids eat meat anytime they can. They even asked for "real" meat for their birthday dinners. Eventually they will succumb and see the brilliance of my ways. They can't deny the benefits we have already seen.

James took a new job with GE, he is the Global Key Accounts Executive. It is going to be less travel and when does have to travel it will be international. He also went back to school to earn his BA in business management. He is very excited about the new challenges in his life. 

I have been keeping busy with my church callings, the kids, the house and of course all of my little and not so little projects. I think I have about five going right now, however James thinks I have many more than that. Hopefully I will finish them all, SOON! I finally graduated college and got a new car as my graduation gift (Best husband EVER!). After many visits with my doctor and several alternative trials we have decided that it will be best for me to have a laparoscopic hysterectomy. I will be having it done in June. The kids and I are then planning a trip to Idaho for the month of July. 

Tyler has been busy with choir. They took their spring trip to San Antonio this year and went to the Alamo, Six Flags, and Sea World. He  went on the trek and had a wonderful experience in the heat of Texas. He started driver training and is doing very well. I think he just about has all of his hours completed. Can't wait for him to be a full fledged driver. He also turned 17 last month. It scares me a little that he will be on his mission in just two years.

Kayla turned 15 in January and she can't wait to start driver training. Me, not so much! One teen driver is enough for now. She also went on the trek this year. It was fun making her skirts and bonnet. She had a great time. She has loved seminary this year, had a good year in school, but is ready for summer break. 

Sierra is perfecting the art of drama around the house. The littlest things send her off into a fit of yelling, crying rage. I hope she grows out of it and soon. That way I don't have to kick her out or build her a shed in the back yard to live in. She is having fun in Young Women's and has made a lot of great friends here. 

Brooklyn is just her go lucky, take it as it comes self. She has been busy with projects for school. First was her science "egg"speriment. She tested different liquids to see what they would do to egg shells. Vinegar will dissolve it off leaving the egg intact. It was very cool to see. Her project this week is on a famous Texan. She chose Laura Bush. We have learned a lot about her.

I now mustache you another question...

Did you know that Duct Tape makes one with mustaches on it? How cool is that?

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*Lissa* said...

Busy, busy!

I am the lone vegetarian in my house, too. My husband likes to eat big, fat steaks in front of me!

I hope all goes well with your operation and you have a smooth recovery.

What kind of car did you get?