Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What do Mushrooms, Frogs, Pinatas, Rocks, and Eggs have in common?

I'm not really sure of the answer, except for the fact that they are what this blog post consists of. Here are just a few 30 pictures of what we have been up to the last few weeks.
These "fun guys" have been popping up in the back yard thanks to the rain.

Kayla enjoying the MUCH needed rain.

 This horrid creature made his way into MY house.

Ok so he wasn't really all that big, but scared the crap out of me anyway. I made Kayla catch him and explain to him that if he entered my house, again he would get the shoe.

Girls making a mess with the crafts.

We decided to make Pinatas.

Shelbylyn enjoying every minute of it.

Having far too much fun...

Yep, still loving it.

Decorating the finished product. Shelby still having fun.

Sierra made an elephant.

Brooklyn made Ron Weasley and an egg.

Kayla made an alien.

Shelby made a fiesta skirt. Look at that smile, I think she is glad we are finished.

I made a turtle.

We also decorated hot rocks with crayons.

Since it has been 110* for the last 3 days in a row, we decided to try frying an egg on the sidewalk. Because we have a dog and I didn't want him to try and eat it, I made the kids put the egg in a pan.
This is after we let the oil get hot.

One hour later.

24 hours later.
Breakfast anyone?

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