Friday, April 30, 2010

Proud Mommy Here

Sierra ran in her first 3k race today with about 12 other kids. She was so worried that she wouldn't be able to finish. She even came up with some motivation. She decided to pretend that she was running in the forrest and a bear was chasing her. Then she said that kids started telling her things like if she ran too close to the creek something would jump up and grab her and to watch out for snakes. This kinda freaked her out. She did so awesome. Then at the very end of the race the girl behind her overtook her and she came in last. She said that she thought she was really far behind the rest of the kids and worried that she wasn't going to finish. I was so proud of her. I just wish that my stupid brain was back to normal so that I would have remembered to take my camera.

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Grandma Campbell said...

Way to go Sierra!!!! Keep it up girl! Wish we could be there to see ya'll. We'll go running on the green belt when you visit. But I don't run very fast so you will have to wait for me at the end. Miss Ya! Love Ya! Take care!