Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Easter is a huge deal here with 4 days of events, none of which have anything to do with the true meaning of Easter.
This clown was in the way of the parade starting. I wonder if he realised that the cops had guns and all he had was a balloon sword. Not much of a fight!
This guy was not part of the parade but was so proud of his motorised bike that he kept riding it up and down the street. We saw him about 20 minutes later and he was out of gas, manually pedalling the bike. How cool is he now?
The firehouse mascot here is a koala, much better than a dalmatian don't you think?
Grown men in clown suits with water hoses...need I say more?
All through the parade we were warned to stay behind the rope barricade during the goat races for our safety, because you never know what the goats might do. James and I thought, holy crap these crazy people are going to actually let goats run wild down the street. Then we saw this...
Still not sure what the purpose of the rope barricade was for. Even if one of the goats got away, how was  standing behind a rope supposed to save us?
These guys didn't win. The poor goat was being dragged down to the finish line.
This was probably the last Easter Egg Hunt at our house. Brooklyn was busy scoping out the eggs. Every picture I took she was looking away.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday!

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Heather said...

That looks like fun, how bizarre that it has nothing to do with the true meaning of Easter, at least you didn't get mauled by goats-LOL!