Sunday, August 31, 2008


We went for a drive yesterday to explore some of the places in Wyoming that we have not been to yet. We walked along a creek where Brooklyn almost stepped on a snake, Kayla and Tyler tried to catch a toad, Sierra took pictures, James walked across a beaver dam, Charlie got a face full of burrs, and Jake rolled in a fresh cow pie all within an hour of leaving the house. I, of course, being the prepared, wonderful mother that I am, did not bring anything to wash our hands or the dogs with. So, we improvised. I threw Jake in the creek to rinse off (we eventually got used to the smell), Charlie just had to live with his burrs til we got home, and Tyler and Kayla could wash their hands with alcohol wipes from the first aid kit. Ha! Think again, the alcohol wipes were all gone and all I could think of were all of the bacteria from the water and the toad. So I made them wash their hands with iodine wipes and hoped that they did not have an allergic reaction. We all survived! Enjoy the pictures!

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*Lissa* said...

I am always massively under-prepared no matter how hard I try. Looks like an adventure!