Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Leaving.....on a Jet Plane.....

Tyler left for Idaho again today. He is participating in the youth cultural event for the Twin Falls Temple dedication. Then he is flying home on Sunday for the first time. I am so nervous letting him fly by himself. Tyler is loving junior high. He can't believe that they will let them have gum, food, and drinks in class. I think that he is enjoying the freedoms that are allowed in junior high but not in elementary. The girls are also enjoying their new school . Kayla has had a hard couple of days. She is at that age where it is hard to feel like you fit in and to make friends, especially for girls. Sierra and Brooklyn have both made new friends and feel like they fit in. Although, they did ask if they could stay at this school until they are old enough to go to junior high. I think that they are tired of moving around and quite frankly, so am I.
I went to the doctor yesterday to get my physical and to start my Hepatitis B vaccine series for school. The nurse told me that if I use my arm then it will reduce the side effects. I don't think that surfing the net and blogging counted as using my arm because it is hurting so bad right now. I start classes on Monday and have class 3 days a week. I am starting to get nervous about being able to balance family and school.

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*Lissa* said...

I worked for an airline in CO and I can reasuure you we took good care of our unaccompanied minors.

Once you get back into the routine, I think you will handle school and home just fine. Oh yeah, and you should definitely let me some pics of your whole papers setup deal. :o)