Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lyra... the newest member of our family. She is 6 weeks old and the dogs think that it is great to have a new toy to chase, although not too sure about her when she wants to cuddle with them.
The weather has been crappy since Tuesday, cold and rainy. We were under flood warning for the river that just happens to run right through the middle of Casper. We have also had tornadoes nearby, hail, and lots of wind.
Brooklyn's 7th birthday was on Thursday. I can't believe that my baby is that old already. She got her cowgirl boots and the outfit she is wearing in the picture she was just sure that was what cowgirls wear and we had to take the pic outside because that is where cowgirls spend all of their time. That kid just make me laugh; she lives in a world all her own.

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*Lissa Joy* said...

How cute! Gotta love cowgirls! ;o) I am going to get Averie a pair of boots for her bday next month too.

I am so jealous that you get a big break from your kids this summer! I am hoping my parents can relieve Justin and I at some point so we can get a vacation for two!

I know I have heard Justin talk of MWD hands before... if you guys head up this way, let me know and we can get together!! That would be fun!