Monday, May 19, 2008

James' car!!

The weather has been awesome since Friday. We got a ton of yard work done over the weekend. We even hand washed both of the cars (that is an amazing accomplishment for us). James has been offered a job with GE Energy Services and has decided to accept it. He will start June 16th. That is the real reason he got a new car. We are taking vacation the week before and going to Redfish Lake, ID. We can't wait; it will be nice getting out of town for a few days. I started my summer class today and it is soooo boring. I am glad that it only goes for two weeks. The kids are excited for school to get out next week. Brooklyn can't wait for her birthday on Thursday and I am hoping that she doesn't mind getting a store bought cake, if I remember to get one. These days I don't seem to remember a whole lot. I am so glad that PDAs were invented. Tyler is trying out for the Casper Children's Chorale. Kayla and Sierra have been busy sewing for 4-H. They have to have all of their projects completed by the end of June, so that they can enter them in the fair. I am even thinking of entering some of my pics. Well James is telling me to quite blogging and get my reading homework done. UGH!!!

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*Lissa Joy* said...

I like the new Subaru!! I love the color!

You should enter your pics in the fair!! Let me know how that goes!

What's this new job of James'? What will he be doing?