Wednesday, June 18, 2008


... Well, maybe you could say that.

We went to Idaho for a week and it was just as cold there as it had been here. We also spent 4 days and 3 nights up at Redfish Lake Lodge with James' whole family. There were 11 adults and 17 kids, ranging in age from 13 to 6 months. We were in two, 4 room cabins, it was only in the 40s outside, and it snowed a few inches. Thank goodness we all get along, for the most part. The kids had a blast. Grandma had lots of crafts planned and grandpa helped them all carve a walking stick. We had a talent show, a bubblegum blowing contest, broke a pinata, and an awards ceremony. We also took them out on the lake in paddle boats and on water trikes and then they got to ride horses (most of them for the first time). Yes, in freezing cold weather and snow. I just kept praying that none of them fell into the lake and did you know that it takes almost 3 hours for 15 kids to take turns riding a horse? Neither did I.

We left all 4 of the kids in Idaho and they have lots of things planned. Brooklyn and Sierra will be there for 2 weeks and Tyler and Kayla will be there all summer.

When James and I got home this last Saturday night I got out of the van to move James' car out of the driveway and there was a big dent and several scratches in the driver's side door. I haven't seen James that furious in a long time.

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*Lissa* said...

Brrr!! Looks like you had a good time in Idaho though! Have I mentioned how completely jealous I am that you get to get rid of your children for that long?! ;o)

We just got back from FL yesterday and I am so happy to see that it has FINALLY warmed up around here and is feeling more summer-like.

Great pics too!