Monday, August 20, 2007

The lazy days of summer...

... are over. The summer has officially ended today! The kids all started school and now I have a week all to my self. WOOHOO!! I start a full-time schedule of classes next Monday, including microbiology, statistics, and women's studies. Yes, I am a little crazy. We just got back from vacation last week. We spent a week camping near Cody, in Yellowstone, and at Island Park. We didn't get to go fishing, but had a lot of fun floating the Snake River and seeing a Moose and her two babies standing about 25 feet from us. It was awesome and scary all at the same time. We then spent a week in Jerome with family. Tyler had a blast at scout camp. They had a grizzly bear walk right through camp while they were in the mess hall having breakfast. James bought a 1948 Ford pick-up and we are going to Iowa this weekend to pick it up. No, it doesn't run, but James wanted a new project. The kids are excited to be able to add two more states to their list of states that they have been to, now up to 11.

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