Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Fall!

It is already autumn and we had our first snowfall yesterday. Gotta love Wyoming! It has been really cold and windy here for the last couple of days. It is supposed to warm up into the 60's this weekend. Heatwave!! We are going to Martin's Cove this Saturday to do a service project cleaning up the trails and then if the weather holds, we are going to go fishing.

James and I celebrated our 12th Wedding Anniversary on Sunday. Hard to believe that I have put up with him for that long. James might see it the other way, but I think that I am easier to live with than he is. THAT's WHAT SHE THINKS!!!!

The kids are all doing well in school and making lots of new friends. Kayla and Sierra have started an after-school art program at the local art museum and they are having a lot of fun with that. Tyler is busy with Scouts and Brooklyn is studying hard to learn her sight words. I have been very busy with school this semester. I think that I have had more homework this semester than I have ever had.

I have finally taken some pictures of the inside of our house and will post more when I have them. We hope that all is well with everyone.

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