Monday, July 9, 2007

What day is it? Are you sure!

Where has the time gone? We are all moved in to our new house. Everyone is getting settled, there is an amazing feeling in the realization that this is our last move and that we are unpacking into our very own home. June just flew by and now here we are in the second week of July with school starting very soon, August 20. James, as always, has been very busy with work and I have been trying to get my Pampered Chef business up and going here. The girls are all in guitar lessons and loving it. Tyler is going to be starting drum lessons and he has also been hired on as the 'Bat Boy' for the Casper Rockies (a minor league baseball team). He is so excited he can hardly stand it. Tyler is also getting ready for his first year at Scout Camp. We have also been doing some remodeling in the house. We decided to redo the kitchen with new counter tops, appliances, lighting fixtures, and soon new paint. This then sparked the idea with James to redo the bathroom in the basement, which was a chore trying to get out all of the wallpaper. We also had the roof redone, an 80 foot pine tree removed, and 9 lilac bushes cut down. And in the middle of all this we still found time to entertain family and go to Mt. Rushmore. No wonder June flew by so fast.


Peter & Myla said...

I think Tyler found the coolest job ever. That is something i allways wanted to do when i was a kid. Let me know when you are coming down so i can write off that week from work


How have you been?

Peter & Myla said...

Happy Birthday Sandi