Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We Have Arrived

I have one of the most incredible daughters in the world. I should rephrase that, I have three incredible daughters. Brooklyn however, blew me away Friday night. In order for me to tell you the what she said, I have to give a bit of a back-story. Brooklyn had been extremely nervous the 4 days or so before we left to fly. Her big brother filled her head full of plane crash stories. She was not so much worried about dying as she was about James being alone if our plane crashed or us being without James if his plane crashed. She decided it was very unfair that we were not able to travel together. She had such anxiety over it all that we had to explain to her again that we are an eternal family and no matter what happens we will be together forever.

I too have been stressed and nervous about traveling alone with four kids. Brooklyn was so stressed Friday that she started crying as our plane took off from Roma. We landed safely in Brisbane and she relaxed a little. I think that she could see the stress on me that night and told me, “Don’t worry mom, I know we will be just fine.  Jesus is going to help fly our plane.”

We landed in Los Angeles Saturday morning and she said, “See, safe and sound.” We blew through customs and you have no idea how good it was to hear American accents again. I was surprised that they didn’t even x-ray our bags. They just asked what kind of food we had and I told them and they said, “Ok you can go.” I was sure that they would stop us since we had 10 checked bags and 6 carry-ons. 

We were all so tired that we laid down on the floor in LAX and the two little girls and I fell asleep. Brooklyn got up and started to walk away. Kayla told her lay back down because we still had another hour before our next flight. She kept walking and laid down next to some other lady. In the meantime, Kayla had woken me up to tell me she thought Brooklyn was sleep walking. The other lady told her that her mom was over there. She grunted and walked back over to us and laid down. We boarded our flight to Seattle even though Kayla thought she was going to be sick and kept getting dizzy. We all slept so good on that flight that we missed the drink service and Brooklyn woke up and thought we had missed our flight to Boise.

Our flight to Boise was delayed because there was too much weight in the cargo and we had to take on extra fuel due to the high winds Saturday night. We arrived in Boise and the wind almost blew the plane sideways. We hit the ground hard and the captain said if the winds had been two nots higher we would have diverted to another city. After flying for essentially two whole days, I was very grateful we didn't have to divert. Can you believe that after all of that, we only lost one bag. Don't worry it was found and delivered safe and sound just like we were.


VikiViki said...

Wow...what an adventure. I have flown enough in my life to know how it can totally freak you out sometimes. Glad you all made it home safely. We are still here in I.F. if you are ever headed this way..give us a call. Sounds like you guys may have at least a dinner's worth of stories to share! =)

Mindi said...

Love your blog background. So cheerful! Glad you made it back to Boise safe! Sounds like a couple of very long days. Good luck on this new adventure in your lives!

JeriO said...

I loved your story. Out of the mouth of babes we learn of unquestionable faith.