Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I've got the condoms!

A little backstory. Every night after dinner James assigns one of the kids a job like loading the dishwasher, putting away the condiments,  putting away any leftovers, etc... Tonight James had been doing some sanding on his boat and decided to shower after he ate. Since he wasn't at the table to give out jobs, the kids started shouting out what they were going to do. Brooklyn piped up saying, "I'll put away the condoms." Tyler and I started laughing, Kayla started to blush, and Brooklyn and Sierra were left asking what was so funny.

Brooklyn turned NINE on Saturday. I can't believe that our baby is already nine. Here is a picture of her exact wish list.
I had to have her translate some of it, "I  want a green iPod Nano the one with the camera on the back,  a black skate board, a $15 gift card, a barbie doll the new mermaid one, plus a chocolate double chocolate cake with some chocolate frosting on top."

Here is what she got...

She didn't get everything she wanted, but I think all in all she had a pretty good birthday.

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Slattery's said...

Brooklyn that cake looks yummy! Did you have a great birthday?