Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pictures as promised...finally!

Here are the pictures that I promised of our adventure. Amazing how much we accomplished in just one week. We miss all of you, but are enjoying Australia.

This is of the kids at my mom's Taco Time in Jerome with their cousin Morgan.

These were taken at LAX while waiting for our next flight. Can you tell that we were all really tired? I couldn't even manage to get the pictures in focus. I am pretty sure that I thought they were when I took them.

This was downtown Brisbane. Don't know who the guy is, but those birds are everywhere.

This is our new puppy, Cooper.

He has already made himself at home.

These are the crazy birds that attack everyone when they ride their bikes.

Fun in the HOT sun at the local pool.

James after swimming laps.

We thought this was strange...just a random door in the middle of nowhere.

We almost ran this guy over. He was just hanging out in the middle of the road.

My kids were so excited. Kayla wanted to catch it and bring it home as a pet.

These Roos were just hanging out on the golf course.


Connie said...

Awesome pictures!! I love the Kangaroos just hanging out on the golf course...that has to be so awesome to see! I'm glad you all made it there safely and are enjoying yourselves!

*Lissa* said...

Okay, those lizard things are kinda freaky. I am thinking along the lines of Jurassic Park.

Looks like an interesting place! I am glad you are all getting settled!

Have you driven yet?

How does the school system work there?

Slattery's said...

Awesome pictures of the momma's with the baby in her cool. Here is my thought about the one with Tyler and the lizardy thing. So I was thinking that just like at Yellowstone the locals were saying.."Get back in your car people that's a wild animal." LOL Hugs to everyone...miss you all. Yes, even James. ;)

Mindi said...

That is one big lizard! I don't think I realized how long the roos tails are. Cute puppy! That pool looks so refreshing. Glad you posted the pictures. I hope your first week of school goes well.

Niki said...

how fun! Great pictures, even the slightly less focused ones.