Wednesday, February 9, 2011

One More Time!

Famous last words...
While we were in Casper, we took the kids sledding. We had been telling the kids how much fun this was going to be because only 3 people had died on the hill this year (not true btw). The whole way up the hill the youngest Slattery kept saying that she was going to wait until everyone had gone down once before she was going to go. That way she would know that it was safe (she ended up with a bloody nose). It was really cold and this hill was an 'old school' hill and the kids had to carry their sleds all the way to the top. Needless to say they didn't go down very many times. 

We had been there about 45 minutes and everyone decided they were ready to go back to the house and have some hot cocoa. This is when James had the brilliant idea of going down just one more time. James, Tyler, Sierra, and Brooklyn grabbed their toboggan and started the trek up the hill. They only made it half way. They lined up with the jump and were off. They hit the jump, caught some wicked air, and Tyler went one way off and James went the other way. Tyler had the air knocked out of him and thought he was going to die, James hurt his knee.

We got Tyler calmed down and breathing normally and assured him that he was NOT going to die and that he did not need to go the hospital. James on the other hand could barely walk. He complained about the pain all the way down the hill and Renae said, "at least you didn't die!" We took him to the ER where they found some metal in the bone (we have no idea how it got there) and sent him to an orthopedic surgeon. He ended with a partial tear of the MCL. He has a knee brace and some physical therapy for the next few months at least. 

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VikiViki said...

Holy Cow..sad day. We went sledding a few weeks ago to try and induce me into labor..didn't work, but I wiped out on my way down the hill and swiped landen's legs out from under him and he got his wind knocked out and also thought he was dying...poor guy. And it was his birthday to boot!
Hope Jame's knee feels better...greg ended up having surgery for an cal injury from playing indoor soccer at the church with the young men! Ahhh, boys!