Friday, March 5, 2010

Flood 2 March 2010

This photo was taken just around the corner from us. The yard that we were standing in to take the pictures was completely under water, with it going into the house, just 20 minutes after we were there. It was simply amazing how fast the water rose and how much there was. This is the kind of stuff you only see on TV. The only flood related deaths were animals and about a dozen people were bitten by snakes. The scary part is that 5 of the worlds 9 deadliest snakes are native to Roma.
I was standing in the road in front of our house to take this one. That is how close the flood water got to us on this side. On the other side it was just around the corner.
This was just two houses down from us.
This was down the block from us. They brought in rescue boats to take people whose houses were flooded or those who didn't feel safe staying in their houses into town.
You can kind of get an idea of how high the water was here. That is the street sign on our road.
This is the view from the other direction. Water as far as the eye could see.
People just started leaving their cars all over the roads hoping that they wouldn't get flooded.
This is of the rescue boat and jet ski. They also had to bring in a rescue chopper to get some people out.
Thanks to all of the water we have 100s of frogs all over the yard.
This guy was hanging out on the sliding glass door eating mosquitoes.
Some good news, we have an orange tree in our back yard.


*Lissa* said...

Wow!! That is a ton of water! How scary, but what an awesome photo opp! ;p

An ORANGE tree??? Love!

Mindi said...

Oh my gosh Sandi. That is crazy and scary and gross (snakes!). How long do you have to be there? I'm so glad that your house was not flooded!

Connie said...

wow, that is amazing!!! I love your pictures! I'm so glad you were all safe.