Saturday, December 26, 2009

Only 363 more days until Christmas!

This holiday season has been a strange one for us this year. This has been the first time that any of us have celebrated Christmas in the heat and without snow. It all started when I went to the store to buy ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner and either couldn't find them or didn't want to pay $65 for a 12 pound turkey. Since our stuff has not arrived we were not going to have a tree this year and it felt so strange. I was just not is the Christmas spirit this year. Especially with everything that has seemed to go wrong lately. Then, James was going through one of the storage sheds out at the base where he works and happend to find a 4ft tree. We bought some lights for it and the girls made some paper decorations. It was the best tree we have ever had. I happened to find the lens for my camera that went missing. I tore the house apart looking for it and we just assumed that someone had taken it off the counter in the kitchen where I left it. It turned up just sitting in plain sight on the floor in my room just barely tucked under James's night stand. I can't tell you how many times I looked there. Our neighbors just down the street, who are also members, called the Mission President and got the ok to get permission from the General Presidency to start up a branch here so that we don't have to drive for 3 hours to Dalby every week. Our house in Casper also went under contract again last week. Everything is starting to fall into place and our prayers ARE being answered. I have truely been reminded of the reason for the season and we have all been so blessed this year. I hope that all of you find the blessings and comfort that you are in need of. Merry Christmas!

The giant sugar cookie that Sierra made for Santa. He even forgot to eat it this year until the kids came in to wake us up. He rolled over and said, "Sh!t, do you know what I forgot?' I said, "no, what?" Then we heard the girls say, "Santa didn't even eat his cookie." That was his ONLY job before coming to bed.

They even wrote these nice notes to him!!!

Crazy girls modeling their new pj's from Grandma and Grandpa Campbell.


VikiViki said...

I LOVE those shorts as p.j.'s - my kids are all in flannel with footies! How wonderful for you guys to get to do a small Branch - those are some of the neatest church experiences I had as a child! I am super jealous of your whole overseas experience for your kids! Hope you guys have a great New YEar!

*Lissa* said...


I hope 2010 is a wonderful year for you all!