Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tyler turned 13 on Friday!!

We are officially the parents of a teenager! Tyler has decided the best thing about being 13 is that he can "legally" watch PG-13 movies. He is now counting down the days to his life's next big milestone, driving.

We have all been very busy. James has been traveling quite a bit lately. He is going to Houston, TX this week for a couple of days. I have been busy with school. I am taking a photography class that requires about 15 hours a week. The semester ends in a few weeks, then I have a short summer class, and then I have 2 months to do nothing. The kids have all been working hard in school and are also looking forward to summer.

Brooklyn has been struggling with making friends. She doesn't seem to get along with the girls her age and was afraid to be friends with the boys (she thought that if she was friends with a boy it meant he was her 'boyfriend'). We told her that it is okay to be friends with boys too. Then one day a boy in her class asked her to play a Star Wars game with him and his friends, now she can't wait to get to school to be Princess Liea. She wants a light sabre and cowgirl boots for her birthday.

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Peter & Myla said...

I think your vacation sounds much better than mine. I get seven weeks off then it get to go nonstop until next May.