Saturday, October 20, 2007

We made it through another week. Tyler ended up with Strep and missed 3 days of school. We are keeping our fingers crossed that Kayla, James, or I don't get it. I have Monday and Tuesday off from school for Fall break and I am looking forward to it. I really need the break. Although, I don't know how much of a break it will be. I will be getting ready for an open house that I am hosting, with seven other direct sales consultants, on November 3. The kids are getting excited for Halloween. Brooklyn is going to be a pirate, Sierra a duck, Kayla a witch, and Tyler is not sure. He is at that age where he still wants to participate but is also feeling like he is too old to go. I'm pretty sure that at the last minute he will decide to go. In the pics of the dogs: Jake as always is watching TV (Evan Almighty); Charlie and Beef (one of James' engineer's dog) taking turns dragging each other accross the floor.

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tina said...

These are great pictures of the girls. They are sure growing to be pretty young ladies. I found some pictures the other day of Sydney and your girls playing-they were so tiny and yet at the time I thought they were big girls. I will post them for fun if I can find them again.